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Matty the Damned:
I just realised that there is no memorial thread for James aka Gecko31. I think it appropriate to add one now.

Rather than reinvent the wheel I'll reproduce something from September 2007. James died in September 2005.

James joined AIDSmeds in May 2005 and from the outset it was clear that his time was limited. He had no treatment options left and was being ravaged by terminal lymphoma. He was devilishly funny and it was hard to tell he was so dreadfully ill.

But dreadfully ill he was. By the end of August 2005 his posts had dwindled (and too the salty PM's he and I exchanged) and early in September that year he posted his death thread in the old Living With Forum, telling us he could go on no longer, that he loved us and that would be his final post.

He was true to his word in every sense. Two or three days later his friend Mark logged in to inform us that James had died peacefully at his home in London. It was a Tuesday if memory serves, though I could be wrong, AIDS fog and grief blurs precise details.

There was much sadness over the next week.

I know that Goderator Ann was especially close to James and made his last few weeks much more bearable. I would close this post with her response to James' request that we not be saddened by his passing.

"We would do anything for you, but this time you ask too much."

Vale James.

(Who has nothing to add)


(Who never forgets)

Hard to believe it's been nearly five years already. I can't help but wonder if he'd still be with us if perhaps Isentress had come out a little sooner.

James, you're lovingly remembered. I'm glad you were in my life. You're still in my heart and always will be.


James you told us to be strong, you told us not to grieve, and you asked us to live our life to the fullest, but in the weeks that followed your passing it was a promise we could not keep.

A man who left us too soon and one who will never be forgotten.

I hope you are still at peace James.

In sadness
Jan :'(

Dear James,

You were one of the first here at A.M. to greet me, and welcome me.   And then we lost you way too soon.....we've honored you at our AMG memorials....we definitely won't forget you, friend.

Love,  Alan  :'(

I can't believe it has been six years since you left us James, but I do believe those who have loved you have missed you with every passing year.

I hope you are still at peace, you are thought of often with love and tears.

In love and sadness
Jan :'( :-*


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