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where did you start?

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this all started for me (to my knowledge anyway) June 2001. my counts were cd4's were a 5, viral load was 500,000...had pcp pneumonia, bad case of thrush where it was going down my throat, swollen glads in my neck, weight loss, doing nothing but sleeping all the time not much eating or drinking. not taking care of my daughters thank goodness 1 was 16 and took over while I was ill. went to the hospital to confirm numbers and was given meds but also told I had 30 days and better get my things in order, was told for how ill I was(and all the different issues I had) I had to have this at least 11 years prior to diagnosis. I went home and thought nothing of what I was just told I was simply too sick to comprehend and I got back on my couch where I had been for the past month and went back to sleep. I started to be more aware of what was going on around me and decided to educate myself on hiv/aids I HAD NO CLUE! but I never stressed over it because I already knew there was nothing I could do but move on with what was left of my life, but here I still am!?!?!? hmmmm........ well now my counts are as follows cd4's are at 805 (waiting on new counts) and I'm undetectable, right after I started meds my cd4's started to go up (slowly but still up) and they are still going. been undetectable like 3 months after disgnosis. and to think I'm not supposed to be here at all.  my case manager called me the miracle woman.

Baby G...  Welcome to the AM forums and what a wonderful story to share with all of us...  Your 30 days has multiplied by a few factors I would say!!  Congradulations and what an inspiration to all of us...  I am so happy you got off the couch as I would suspect your family did as well...   Keep sharing and posting about you and your experiences!


For God's Sake!!! CD4 over 800??? Who the hell are you? :D :D :D



Hello Baby girl,

 Welcome to the forums, your story sounds so very similar to mine. Back in 2003 I had 16 t-cells, 500,000 viral load, bacterial pneumonia,Esophageal Thrush( which made me feel like I was chewing on glass.),30 pound weight drop over ten months, and fatigue that wouldn't quit.I was also 17 plus years into infection at that point. Stupidity and denial, allowed me to get to that point. No matter how well I took care of myself by other means... it simply wasn't worth putting off the meds.

You are one tough gal !! you've been through a lot but you showed everyone, just what you can do, if one becomes determined to survive. Congratulations to you !!! you have had remarkable success, and I wish you continued success ! :)

Be looking forward to hearing more from you...

Take care of yourself----------------Ray

Baby girl,

I understand about the gut, and trying to get into shape also !! It's certainly a  little difficult at times !



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