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3 or 6 months?


hi! I'm new here- and would appreciate all your help :)

over a year ago I got very stupid and had sex without a condom several times with a guy that was at that time my boyfriend...--- after 14 weeks from our last time I had a HIV Duo Quick test (HIV fv) and it came up negative to my great relieve!

lately I've run into some information that some people should take a test one more time after 6 months----so I got really scared  if I should take the test again??????

I know the duo quick tests can be done already after a few weeks from the unprotected relation date- but are they equaly reliable after 14 weeks???

do I need another test? I suppose not, but we all know that our imagination can turn into an enemy sometimes?....

If you want to get tested for piece of mind, please do seems like it is bothering you a lot.  You don't even know if your boyfriend had HIV in the first place, do you?   Anyways.........13 weeks is sufficient.........the majority of people, 99%, seroconvert within the first 3 months.  I would test at the 6 month period ONLY for piece of mind, you'll be fine........I promise!

The six months information is outdated. Three months is considered definitive.

And believe me, I understand about the imagination. It's a powerful allay, and a powerful enemy. You are reliably HIv negative. Of course, you don't need the condom lecture <grin> but I always take the chance to remind anyone who is sexually active, even with condoms, that getting a full STD panel, including an HIV test, twice a year is the most responsible thing to do. It also takes a LOT of the panic and stigma away from an HIV test when it becomes part of a health maintenance program, and routine.

thanks guys! I know I worry too much but thank you for answering!:)
so it doesn't matter that I had "duo quick" test not "elisa" after 3 months? it's not that duo quick is only for the shorter time period?


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