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A while ago me and a friend touched penis to penis and penis to anus with no penetration, the anus was just touching and rubbing the penis on it. I dont think he got off, and Im pretty sure I didnt get off either. Is there any risk of getting HIV, or is my OCD just messing with me? Thanks guys, I appreciate it...

For one I don't know of anyone that wouldn't know if they ejaculated. Yes I believe your OCD needs to be worked on. You had a no risk situation even if you would have ejaculated. Please take the time and read the "Welcome" thread.

It was a long time ago, which is why I dont remeber, so even if pre cum would have gotten on the outside of my anus, it was no risk???

No, it would have been of no risk.

Thank you, So I have no reason at all to go get tested, and no reason at all to worry?


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