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Hi everyone,

is it just me or are most pillboxes just crap?

I travel quite a bit for work, have some outdoors activities, go to the gym at odd hours, and all I seem to find are the enamel type that my granny used to have or cheap plastic ones that last a month at best. I am looking for something sturdy, practical, that can hold a decent amount of meds, a weeks supply with independent "day" containers that fit in a pocket. On top of that if it looks great and will last ( think swiss army knife quality) it is even better.

I'd love it if you could post your thoughts on the subject, perhaps with a pic if you think your pillbox is worth it.

I wouldn't be surprised if this has been discussed here but I couldn't find a thread so I went for it.  :-\


Miss Philicia:
I only use a pill box, of the traditional sort, for a one dose thingie in my pants pockets.  It's Royal Copenhagen, with a nice minimalist stainless steel finish on top, and black plastic with a neat semi-circular retracting opening on the bottom.  It's around a decade since I bought it and a quick google seems to indicate it's no longer being sold.

For traveling I use a nice black rubber Kiehls toiletry bag I got as a free promotional item.  It has built in pockets inside that were originally supposed to hold the Kiehls products (moisturizers, shampoos... etc) and work perfectly for large bottles of HIV horse pills, but are flexible enough for smaller bottles at the same time.  It's all horribly stylish!

I know the specifics (photo included as requested) probably don't help as I got these so long ago, but if you can find a toiletry bag you like that is constructed inside to hold up bottles of things that will do.  They're great for grabbing out of your carry on in an airplane for that quick dash to the restrooms to take your dose, etc.  I agree that sorting all of this out in quite necessary when one must travel around with 10 different medications and needing to take them in the original bottles showing your prescription labels in case you are questioned en route by security, etc.

Sod the dosettes, I have a steel mint tin, bit battered, dented, but takes a week's worth...

- matt

Hello Pat, it is Eldon. When it comes to a "pill box" there are so many choices to choose from. When you have the time you can surf on this website that sells all sorts of pill boxes:

Hope everything works out for you. Sounds like the metal one would be better for traveling.

Have the BEST Day.

Here are mine.  I found the daily boxes too bulky and not necessary.  I just needed something to hold a day or two's worth and was small and discreet.

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