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It has been 22 years since the first HIV/AIDS case was reported in the Philippines....

just last March 2006, I had my second test for HIV Antibody (the first was last December 2005 and it was NEGATIVE), I got the result on the end of May 2006, it was POSITIVE.....

now I am living with my day to day life...I am starting to build a future as a person infected with HIV and doing things that will help other people especially the YOUTHS to be free from this virus....still I am finishing my last year in college and looking forward for a brighter future even in this darkest situation....

HIV is fast spreading in this country and I do believe that the registry is far enough from the total number of Filipinos infected with HIV today.

This thread is made for information on HIV/AIDS in the Philippines...

WELCOME everyone.....


HIV/AIDS REGISTRY in the Philippines as of June 2006

New HIV Ab Seropositive Cases
For the month of June 2006, there were 33 new HIV Ab seropositive cases reported. Of these
17 (52%) were males and 16 (48%) were females. The median age was 32 years (range 19-55
years). Reported modes of transmission were sexual contact (33) [heterosexual (22),
homosexual (9) and bisexual (2)].

New AIDS Cases
Of the 33 new HIV Ab seropositive cases, 4 were reported as AIDS cases (3 were males and 1
female). Mean age was 38 years (range 35-41 years). Reported mode of transmission was
sexual contact [heterosexual (3) and homosexual (1)].
Cumulative No. of HIV Ab Seropositive and AIDS Cases
From January 1984 to June 2006, there were 2,566 HIV Ab seropositive cases reported (Figure
1), of which 1,835 (72%) were asymptomatic and 731 (28%) were AIDS cases. Majority (67%)
of the cases was in the 20-39 years age group (Figure 2). Sixty-four percent (1,636) were
males. Sexual intercourse (87%) was still the leading mode of transmission (Table 1). Of the
AIDS cases, 287 (39%) were already dead at the time of the report due to AIDS related

Other Information
Of the 2,566 HIV seropositive cases, 891 (35%) were Overseas Filipino Workers or OFWs
(Figure 3), of which 303 (34%) were seafarers, 156 (18%) were domestic helpers, 79 (9%)
were employees, 66 (7%) were entertainers and 57 (6%) were health workers (nurses,
caregivers, health educator, medical technologist, midwife, pharmacist, physical therapist,
dentist and physician). Seventy three percent (653) of OFWs were males. Sexual intercourse
(93%) remains to be the predominant mode of transmission (Table 2).

Bonjour Alex,

I  read your posts and want to say how sorry I am that you got hiv at such a young age. It breaks my heart.

You mention how lucky we are, in the western countries, when it comes to access to treatments, information and so on. How true, even if there is a lot to do here it certainly does not compare with the situation in poorer countries.

I find admirable that you've had the strength to deal with your new situation and start to help others so quickly. I think you will find a lot of information here and support as well. In a way I hope this site will help you and the people around you overcome the shortcommings of your government's health policies.
This may sound judgemental but I happen to have lived in your country and I still have many friends there so I am not saying this without knowledge of the situation.
As you say, it would be of great help if the Catholic church of the Philippines finaly put its weight behind the much needed education campaigs about topics such as hiv, condoms and birth control. And Gloria could do more no doubt, as could the few very wealthy families that still own much of the country.

A very warm welcome here Alex, don't hesitate to post often, there will always be someone for you here.

Pat  :-* and a big (((((((((((((((((((((HUG)))))))))))))))))))))

Hello Alex, it is Eldon. I want to extend a warm WELCOME to forums to you. Here you will find love, encouragement, support, fun, and many answers to your questions relating to HIV/AIDS. This is a great group of people and there is a lot of information here also.

I wish you the BEST in your continuing education in College. Also, it is good that your article was published and you are reaching out to the YOUTH of your community. We need more people just as yourself.

Feel free to come and visit from time to time and share your experiences with us. This site is a great way to add to your current support system.

Again, Welcome!

HI and a warm welcome to the forums. There are many caring and loving and understanding people in here. I hope you can find the support you need to make life more bearable. I believe you can do well and live a long life if this is what you want. I have been poz 22 years, almost as long as you have been alive. So please don't ever give up. you are young and strong. I hope you use that to your advantage.
Take care of your self. I think it is great you are finishing college. You can do anything you put your mind to. I hope you keep living your life, and enjoy every day of it. Keep us all posted on how you are doing.
With love and respect,

Andy Velez:
Hi Alex,

I hope before long you will be thinking about living both old and young with HIV. Yes, it is a serious condition. No, it is not a death sentence or it doesn't have to be.

Gradually you can come to see that your life is going to go on. It is important to have your numbers monitored by your doctor regularly. And to have a doctor you can work with to keep you healthy.

You will also learn the things you need to do to stay healthy. There is a wide range of people here in the Forum in terms of experience, knowledge and age, among other things. Ask any questions you want to and feel free to discuss anything that's on your mind. This is your place too.



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