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School starts tomorrow!

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How weird. I was looking forward to it and now I'm like, "oh, freaking hell."

So, tomorrow, August 28th, 2006 : First day of my junior year of highschool. That means I've been attending my local government funded brainwashing facility for 12 years. Um, frightening.

The good news is that my homeroom/first period/algebra 2 teacher is my favorite teacher in the world that I had last year for algebra 1. She's the coolest teacher ever in existence because she lets me get away with hell. And since I have her first thing in the morning I can probably get away with coming into school late, which, considering my tummy, is definitely a good thing.

I'm working on getting my spanish teacher switched because learning spanish from a new teacher after having the same one for the past two years is just going to suck on levels I hardly knew existed.

This is also the first year that I don't have lunch worked into my schedule, which means 9 periods in a row most days of class. One day a week for one period I will have a study hall, and I have phys ed every other day. Totally going to use the health shit I go through to get out of that. See? There are benefits. Not having to get into swimming trunks in front of a class of like 22 kids I don't know sort of benefits.

My newest friend Pocket Wombat will be attending school with me from now on. The whole school will be blessed to have someone attending that is very small, portable, good natured and has a cute ass. The wombat is very nice, too.

I'm most looking forward to my Creative Writing I and Intro to Scifi and Fantasy classes! British Literature and World History will be pretty shibby, too. Geometry, Spanish and Environmental Science can drop dead.

So, basically, after this year I have one year left and then I have to mold myself into an adult somehow. Like - a mature, responsible, serious person. I've read about them in books and they don't really seem that appealing so I'm not looking forward to that, either. =(. I am excited to be seeing some friends more often again. I collect lesbians. I don't know... how many people know that... but I do. And there are quite a few of the collectable variety at my school. They're so cute. I want to collect them all! I've also made friends with like half of the adults in my school somehow. Because I'm a nerd like that. They're like, "Oh! It's Jaser! Hi, Jaser!" and then I call them by their first name and hang out in rooms where students aren't allowed and yeah.

I also have a rule: The teachers that call me 'Jay' instead of like, Jaser or Jase - they're trying really, really hard to be cool and are generally pretty wonky and should be avoided. They turn on you... those crazy ones.

I'll post after I get home tomorrow. o.o;. And tell everyone how it went if everyone is interested in that. Like how much chaos I've caused and what teachers I need to plot the destruction of and all that fun stuff!

I hope you have a great first day of school Jaser.

I am still a little concerned about you not having a lunch period, just make sure you have healthy snacks in your backpack.

Have a great first day back at school!

Like Nadine said...make sure you have alot of healthy snacks to keep you going thru the day.

Cant wait to hear all about your first day.



I wanna see what you decided on your binders (photo please).

Don't dis geometry, it's basically topographical algebra, n if you's smart at algebra I bet the geo at school is too simple for you mr

- matt

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