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On "Cruse control" ...?

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For me, HIV don't count as a road trip...

...but, at my clinic, if you have a CD4 above 200 and an undetectable viral load, you can choose not to see the doc but go in for bloods n get your results by email/phone/text then, everything being okay, collect your meds from pharmacy/have them delivered.  My doc expect to see me in 3 yrs, if that.  I speak to the nurse (the wonderful, well-informed Enrico) every 6 months, bit naughty, supposed to be 4.  He is cool n knowledgable, Mr E, but bit pushy about leaving notes saying I must suffer the duck-billed speculum anal sexual health screen indignity every time I visit (presumptious, I say).  :D

- matt

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Hello Randy, it is Eldon. Great job with your numbers! Continue to do what you have been doing, get rest, eat a proper diet, get some exercise, drink plenty of fluids, and enjoy your life.

Thanks all. He is a brand new doctor. They were limping on a staff of two for a long time, then finally hired (or coaxed) two more to move into the area and join staff. He's really young and from good old SF, CA but originally from the midwest. He's cute (not my type) but I can see most other patients drooling over him. Maybe having a much younger doctor care of me is an issue also, like I should be the daddy here.  ;D

BYW, I much better like the term "smooth sailing". Seems much more peaceful. Like with cruse control its like "relax" then suddenly "OMG theres a deer in the road".

One downer to this I did not mention is my Cholesterol has risen quite a bit on this lab. He said to watch the sweets and they would re check in November. Other than that advice, that was it.

Take care everyone!!!


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