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On "Cruse control" ...?

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I just find it a bit amusing how some doctors term things. Like when I went to undetectable and my cd4 went back over 200, one doctor said I went from aids to non-aids. Non aids? I didnt know if that was to make me feel better or him.
Well, this last checkup/labs last week I am still undetectable and my cd4 is now 450 and % now at 15. So this new doctor they hired said I am now on cruse control with the meds and my counts. Again, even though I'm happy with how things have been going, I dont know if that term "cruse control" is for my sake or his? In a way it tells me, even though they work with hiv people, they still dont really understand or relate to how patients live from day to day with it all. But, I guess thats the way they are.
PS. I never like or trusted cruse control. I never used it. I was afraid I would get too relaxed and move my foot from the brake, and take too long finding it again if something ran out in front of the car. I think I'll keep my foot near the brake on this one.

cd4 83
% 5
VL 500,000


VL <50
cd4 450
% 15


I agree with Alain, poor choice of words, but I think it was the doctor's way of reassuring you that you are doing great.  Looking at your numbers from a year ago to now, you have done really well!

Keep focusing on you and your health.  Exercise and eat right, drink plenty of water, and take  your meds on schedule.

Be well :)

Randy...  I guess its how you develop your relationship with your doctor... If he / she is spending time with you and learns how you think and visa verse..  My doc tells me "You Rock Eric".  I say "Kewl"..  But, I also know what my doctor is capable of doing and what he has been doing to help others... So its all perception and communication to me..  Spend more time with your doc...  Don't like him?  Fire him, get another..  But if he is doing his job and knows his stuff, so what about his comm skills...   Just Sayin.. ;)


Hello Randy,

 I am not sure if I had ever heard that expression. I don't believe it was meant as a negative remark. We all know what cruise control is. Picture it....Your in stop and go traffic,pain in the ass driving,... and finally you hit that open stretch, and then you set cruise control. ( Kind -a like set it and forget it)---Where have I heard that before?.... Then you go on and on, without  having to touch the gas or brake peddle, and enjoy the ride with no traffic around you to hinder you. To me, it sounds as though he means, you are on a nice stretch, with no foreseeable reason to have to hit the "gas or the brake". Everythings going smoothly !!!   I don't know, that's how I translate that statement.

By the way, you are doing great with your numbers !!! Or as I would say. Smooth sailing !!!

Take care-----Ray


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