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--- Quote from: oksikoko on January 30, 2013, 11:26:59 AM ---Is that Lily in the picture? I recognize Zita from another thread, I think. Those are lucky dogs! :) And they look very pettable…

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That is Miss Lily.  She a purebreed, multicultural mutt.   ;D  She absolutely is the most loving animal ever.  She has never shown one agressive action in her life.  Even when my young nephew would torment the hell out of her, she'd just try to hide. 

I'm luckier than she is!!!!


--- Quote from: wolfter on January 30, 2013, 10:36:49 AM ---Little did I know that years later that she would be the catalyst that forced me to fight for my life.

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and that's how this thread started up. A few months before Randy died, we got another dog. I just couldn't say no to a dying man's request for a puppy. But that left me with 6 dogs and teh AIDS. Back then, I was so sure they were all going to outlive me - at least that's what the docs and my lab results kept saying. So I've always had arrangements with some friends (even until today) who will take my dogs when something happens to me. I couldn't not make arrangements for their care.

I've worried about their care so much that I left the hospital once when I thought I really was dying, so I could take care of them my last few days. And it was taking care of them those days that actually ended up being the catalyst for me to fight to stay alive.

I'm really sorry to hear that some of my friends are also at points where their dogs are nearing the end of their lives. In a way I've been expecting my 3 boyz to reach the end ever since we moved to SC. Joxer went blind and I had to dog-proof so many of the corners and steps and stuff for him. I had to build steps for Zeus to use to get onto the bed because of his arthritis. Every couple of months, I sit with Aries in my lap, in the midst of a seizure, wondering if this will be "the one".

From all the losses I've had, I have reached one conclusion though. I'd rather know the end was coming and be able to make sure I spend quality time with them. I have been very devastated by my humans and pets who have suddenly taken ill and that was the end. I felt I didn't have the time I wanted to come to grips, to ensure their comfort, to get in the last of the loving. But when I've known the time was drawing nigh, I felt like I had nearly enough time to make things right for a peaceful parting and I was able to really spend good quality time with them. I've made sure these last 3 yrs in SC have been good for my boyz and I know we've had great quality time.

It sounds like y'all are making the best of your situations and getting in quality time too. ;) Best wishes to Lily and to Zita. Give them some hugs from me & my boyz! and best wishes to you too Greg and Jeff as you deal with these tough times :-*

I know this thread is primarily about dogs but I just have to chime in about my kitty.  Her name is Poppy.  I did not give her that name, the shelter I got her from did.  They told me she was dropped off there when she was a young kitten, in a box, and had lived there for 3 years (they are this area's no-kill shelter).  When I went into the room where she was, she immediately jumped on my lap.  When the other kitties came by to check me out, she swatted at them with her paws.

It's been almost 7 years since I adopted her.  When I come home from work she sits at the edge of the living room until I put my stuff down, look at her and say "come on," then she runs over to me for a petting.  If I'm sleeping past my usual time she lays by me on the bed until I get up.  When I talk out loud, she looks at me and meows when I'm done speaking.   She's given me reasons to get up on some down days, to take care of her.  She's become a side kick. 

We become extremely attached to our pets.  They love us unconditionally despite our shortcomings.  They're better at that than some humans.  To lose a pet is to lose a trusted companion, friend and some days, our reasons to function.  Any person who owns a pet and takes good care of it has decency.  Anyway, just wanted to include kitties in this "pet" thread.

I struck it good.  I have a doggy, and kitty. 
Poncho is a lab/chow mix, 11 years old, and a lover.  tonight when I got home from work he ran out of his dog house, (he lives outside) and jumped into my car before I was out of the door.  Then we played in the snow for about 30 minutes, in the dark and yes it is cold, but theres nothing better then playing in the snow with a dog,  tomorrow we will walk in it.

Since Poncho is 11 and having health issues I try to get in every last minute of time with him.  The other night I went up to feed him and laid down in his house with him and slept for an hour.

When I went inside Kitty was waiting for me and promptly attacked my legs, he doesn't attack ankles he jumps on my legs, then we played with the rabbit tail I bought him.
I know when I have had a bad day at work or school that they will always be able to cheer me up. 



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