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Once a week, my ASO, Catawba Care Coalition, opens up a pantry to pass out paper, cleaning and personal hygiene products to it's clients. As a volunteer for my clinic, I work in the pantry a few hours every month, bagging up and passing out these products to the clients who stop in to request them.

So I stopped by my ASO to get the keys, on my way to open the pantry, and got shanghaied by several case workers. Not only did they want to hear all about my adventures down at the ADAP funding cut protest rally in Columbia, SC on Tues; but it seems I was somewhat of a celebrity for appearing in Poz magazine.
My tale of me and my boyz (Joxer, Zeus and Aries- who got cropped out of the picture) is included in an article entitled "Pawsitivity", filled with heartwarming stories of pozzies and their pets - and how our pets have helped keep us alive, happy, and healthier.

God knows it was only because I had a pack of 7 cocker spaniels to care for that I recovered after having PCP, and dealt with the grief of losing my first partner. If I had not had to get out of bed at least once a day to feed the dogs, I probably would have never ventured in the kitchen and gotten any food for myself and would have surely died. Though the first pack has gone now, I continued to keep spaniels from this line. Helping me get through the loss of my second partner and the move from OH back down to SC, are my three boys (the great-great grandsons of my first spaniel), the remaining ones from the second pack after my last little girl passed away just months before my partner died.

I want to says thanks to POZ for letting me have the chance to publically pawsitively praise my dogz once again for all their love and companionship that has been such a huge factor in getting me through the bad times and for keeping me alive.

(leatherman with Joxer, Zeus and Aries)

How great that you shared your story on Poz. I have a dog and I also rescue dogs and volunteer at the local shelter. If it were not for my dog I'd be totally lost emotionally. I love it that Poz did the piece on animals and how animals can be such a positive influence on our lives.

A friend of mine recently rescued a cocker spaniel from the shelter (they do their best but it's horrible there). There are also many dogs and cats of all breeds who need homes on on

Nice dogs!

Nice dogs and nice man! 

I really really want a dog but I work long hours and I think it would be cruel.

And happy that you are not incognito, versus me, but I just can't go there yet.


--- Quote from: Inchlingblue on May 28, 2010, 02:20:21 PM ---I have a dog and I also rescue dogs and volunteer at the local shelter.

--- End quote ---
My Mom does did poodle and chihuahua rescues, so when the boyz and me moved into here, it upped the ante to 7 dogs in the house. :o Luckily her dogs are all small and stay on their side of the house, and my cockers have their own yard and doggie door on my side of the house. But oh, you should hear the ruckus when any of the human leave or arrive. Ahwooooooo! Everybody howls and sings! :D

I bred the spaniels for nearly 20 yrs. and always had owners lined up. I donate $10 every two months to the local shelter of wherever I live; but I don't ever go visit. That's so sad and I want to save every one of them; but I can hardly handle me and my own. You are to be commended for the work you do for the poor animals without homes.

--- Quote from: borzel on May 28, 2010, 03:39:27 PM ---Nice dogs!

--- End quote ---
love me, love my dogs! :-*

--- Quote from: mecch on May 28, 2010, 04:04:52 PM ---And happy that you are not incognito

--- End quote ---
I was hoping :-[ to get on the news reports the other day at the ADAP funding cut protest; but no such luck. The closest they ever came in one picture was a shot towards the podium over the shoulder of the guy with dreds sitting next to me for a while. :D I guess my little rat-tail was just too 80s. ROFLMAO

However I'm hoping the local newspaper for the city (pop 35,000) gets back to me soon, since the local ASO director was trying to set up an interview about the rally. I'm working on my celebrity status :D  Not like this woman just up the road - Union County woman sues over use of her photos in HIV ads


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