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My dear family: I will begin my HAART in 4 mins...

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Hello all:

I am gonna begin finally my HAART (Combivir+Efavirenz) ...Just wanted to share with you this moment..I am so afraid... I am taking a step that I know I cannot go back from. From this moment on, I'll take pills forever. From this moment on, my life will never be the same.

Thank you all for readin these words...I know you all can say that I am such a whimp...And you know what? I AM...

Ok. Just one more minute to go...

Here we go: Combivir: First dose....


I'll report back in 4 hours, when it's Efavirenz time...


:) You are stronger than you know.

Hey Alex...well here's to wishing you the best on this new chapter, you're going to be just fine. I am not taking meds just yet, but I can imagine how you are feeling at this time! But from what I have read once the regime begins, most people feel relieved. So keep us updated on how you are feeling (emotionally and physically), and by all means, share anything and everything- that's what familiy is for!

One last thing. You said, "from this moment on, I'll take pills forever." Not necessarily! Research is progressing in leaps and bounds, and it seems that non-pill therapies are around the corner (anti-Tat, Ribozyme, Denditritic Cells, Etc.) which will make taking meds a thing of the past- not to mention the possibility of a cure which is most certainly out there. So...courage! I feel very hopeful that great things are on the way. J.

Best wishes to you Mr. Alex on this part of your journey, u got guts!!  And I agree with J220, things come in waves and one is soon to hit the shore!


Hey Alex,
Sending good thoughts and energy your way.

Terry W


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