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Toxicity of meds on the liver

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Hey all,
I've been on Truvad/Reyatz/Norivir since July 22,06 and just learned that my liver enzymes are very high which my doctor seems to think that it is liver toxicity. That and he mentioned the possibility of it being "Immune Reconstitution".

Although he did suggest a liver biopsy which would rule of either, it seems with the elevated ALT/AST, dark urine and bleeding gums-which are a sign of liver toxicity may also be the culprit. Since I do have Hep B and went through the same set of symptoms a few years back of liver toxicity, it seems reasonable that is what is happening. The doctor suggested taking me off the Norvir/Reyatz and putting me on Lexiva.

Any thoughts on this and what meds might be "best" or less toxic to the  liver?

Flare up of Hep B is relatively common on starting combo. The questions for me are how high are your liver enzymes, which ones are up, and are they staying up or returning to normal? A switch to Lexiva may make some difference, esp. if Hep B is the cause. Some research supports it as a kinder drug for people with hep B co-infection. - matt

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Well my ALT/AST levels are 840/480. It's been only a month since on the meds and although my hep b and hiv viral load has gone down considerbly, I'm wondering at what point should I consider changing my meds. Should I wait and see if it is indeed a flare or is it really toxicity? Tomorrow i go in for more blood work to see where my levels are at. I'll keep ya posted and if there are any other suggestions, they would be greatly appreciated.


Boy that's high, biut not that high.

1. Wait n see

2, Switch

there's no way of teling in advance which is better.

- matt

ok well just got back from the doctor. it's an everyday thing at this point to monitor me very closely with bloodwork since my liver enzymes just jumped up to over 1300/800...uh yea! not a good thing at all. but the doc says my liver is functioning well just not happy what's going on with the meds. just went on the Lexiva 1400mg twice daily. other than a bit of nausea and feeling a bit yuky, not too bad so far. good thing seems that my pee isn't coca cola colored for the past 3 days since of the reyataz and norvir. that's a really good things and hopefully this switch will work and keep the hiv levels going in the good direction.

ok, i'll keep ya poted friends and that your all doing well :-)



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