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Looking for an open minded hiv doc in florida

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I live in daytona beach florida and hate my doc, my other options are tampa, orlando, sarasota or jacksonville, anyone know any docs there and are happy with them?

by the way wasn't sure where to post this, if there is a better spot let me know

Arizona here,

Welcome to the Fora.  

We have loads of members here from Florida, and as far as open-minded, you should have no problem in that department also.  If you feel like moving, Tucson has some exquisite Doctors, and open minded too.  ;)  Just get on I-10 and head west for a few days.  I will get you connected if need be. 

Just Sayin. ;)

In Love and Support.

Hello Slick,

You need to try contacting an ASO in your area, they may be able to give you some information on Hiv specialists throughout the state.

Or try this site out :

They list a toll free number : 1-800-FLA-AIDS ( I am sure you will get some info there.

Let us know how you make out. Just curious, what kind of problems are you having with your doctor?

Take care-----Ray

I'm in FTL, and drive to Miami for my doctor.  I wish I could help with info on places up north of here.


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