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Mystery Rat

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jaser, joining this site forever ruined your chances of being utterly alone. You know I think the world of you. And the devotion you show to your animals.... well... maybe not all people suck.

Anyone who loves animals is (usually) A-OK by me!
BIG HUG to you Jaser, teeny tiny tender tickles to your furry friends and an extra special tickle for Mystery!

Melia :)
(who always remembers Jaser with fondness as the first person she IM-ed here)

Hi Jaser,
I am so sorry to hear about Mystery. I know she is so beloved. She is also very lucky to have such a wonderful daddy. Give her a big kiss from me!

Hi Jaser

I've just got round to catching up with all the posts, I was so sorry to hear about is she doing?

I know how much you love your babies, she is such a lucky lady to have the love of a wonderful young man.

Hugs to you both
Jan :-*

Dear Jaser,

Mystery was the most fortunate lady-rat to find a home with you! It's such a sweet story to read how much you care for her, and all your four-leggeds!

Bless you for reducing her discomfort from the arthritis, sweetie.

With love,

Zeph :-*


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