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Mystery Rat

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Matty the Damned:
As many here will note, Jaser (Mouse) is a guardian of pet rats and mice. His oldest rat, Miss Mystery is not doing so well at the moment. She has cancer and arthritis and feels pretty poorly. You can find a link to her particular story here. As Jaser says, shes a grand old lady.

Our Little Man (Jaser) cares for these beasties very much and it would help if all of us posted in this thread to tell Squeakie-Boi (Jaser) how much we love him and his pets. You get one Jaser, make sure you tell him how important he is.

Matty the Damned

Oh no, poor Mystery.
She has obviously lived a good live so long. 

Sorry to hear of the unfortunatate news Jaser.


Matty the Damned:
Bump this shit!


Jaser, life is a "Mystery" and you are one of the few who takes the time to live it.


<3 <3 <3  <-- those are hearts.

I was going to post an update on her eventually. But, it's difficult. I had to bring her into PetCo with me when we got home to get her some stuff cause I couldn't leave her in the car, and an employee asked to pet her and I said sure. And basically the tumor in her tummy is so big that the lady asked if she was pregnant, and I said no, we just got back from the vet. And I found it really hard to tell her what was wrong with her because I really didn't want to say it/think about it.

She's very special in that she's the oldest rat I've ever owned and that she's the only rat I have that gives kisses! If you lean into her and ask her to give you kissies she pokes her nose against your lips. Gross to some! Really sweet to me.

I've had her for so long now. It's hard to imagine her not being around because she's such a fixture. I've had her alll through highschool and everything that has happened ALONG with highschool and not once has she given up on me (as long as I have yogurt treats for her!)

Anyway, I'm a little bit nuts about the rodents and stuff (everyone knows that by now, haha). I've given so many antibiotics and drugs and stuff to my pets that the vet by now just hands me the bottle of junk, tells me how much to give and goes off on her business. xD. Typically they explain how to give the meds but I'm such a pro. Haha.

Mystery has been taking her arthritis meds really good so far, so at least that'll alleviate some of her discomfort. I just want to make her as comfortable as possible for the rest of the time she has. I love her very much.

And you guys aren't too bad either. Although I'll have to say you'd all be a whole lot cuter with fur and long tails.  :D
Thanks Matty <3 <3 <3 <- hearts! again. and everybody else. It really does mean a lot to me that I'm not alone in whatever winds up happening to her.


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