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Summer weight loss

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I was just wondering how many people experience seasonal weight loss? When spring comes, my eating habits become more sporadic, mainly because my appetite wanes. Also, I become more active - gardening is very therapeutic.

People become anxious because I drop to about 150 pounds in the summer, down from my more robust 158-160. At 5'11", my winter weight is not too heavy for me, but it seems really noticeable when I drop 5 or 10 pounds.

I just wondered how others manage to keep their weight on?



Matty the Damned:

I'm converting from metric to imperial here, so bear with me. ;)

At 6'4" tall I weigh 213 lbs. Which is about right for a hulking great Aussie brute like me. I can't seem to get any heavier than this, and that's good, I'm told. I maintain my weight by eating lots of complex carbs and drinking beer. :D My specialist told me that it's important for us HIVers to carry just a smidge of extra weight.

And yes, I like my little man bosoms. ;D


YES!  My doctor told me I need to keep my little belly and man-boobs.  He said if I ever get sick again, I need the fat store to help my body pull through.  When I got PCP and MAC I went from 180 to 150 in a month.  Then, once healthy again (thank you reyetaz, truvada and norvir) my weight shot up to 190.  I have managed to lose 10 pounds and would like to lose another 10 but the doc says NO.  So, here I sit a little chunky, but as someone once told me, chubby boys don't often die of AIDS.   So pass me that slice of chocolate cake!

to add I would try some zerit, steroids and serostim.
Went from 180 to 150 on Crixivan
Went from 180 to 250 on zerit and pi's
Went from 250 to 185 on drug vacation
Went from 185 to 225 within in two months of starting drugs(reyataz and empivr) and am stuck there despite no carb diet and constant exercise.
my closet,which hides a lot, also contains slacks from waist size 34 to 44.

Hey Mark...  My weight goes up and down depending upon my emotional state...
I always over eat when I'm depressed.... Coming out of the hospital in April of 05
I weighed 143....right now I'm back up to 163.  Since I see the doctor once a month
I've noticed my weight fluxuates between 160-173.  I bought a bike a few months ago
and have just started riding it early in the morning...hoping to build my strength up and
tighened things. ;)


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