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On July 10 or 11th I get to lose an gland! :3

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I'm terribly excited. </sarcasm>

Okay, so, they're removing my thyroid gland. And honestly I'm terrified. I'm really not brave when it comes to this stuff, but I'm going to try to be cause I know it's not gonna do me any good to be as scared as I am right now.

I'm bringing my wombat because he'll protect me and stuff. Well, he'd better. They want to keep me for two or three days after they do it. I guess to make sure nothing gets infected. But I haven't stayed long at a hospital since I was a baby. I really don't want to. Because I don't sleep well away from home. =/.

Matty the Damned:

Wombats are very good in hospitals. Especially the rare Plush Wombat. He'll make sure you're OK.



Hey Jaser,

Why are they removing your thyroid gland?

I hate hospitals in general, and any hospital I have to be in in particular. The last time I was in was when they did laser surgery to replace my right eye back into its socket. Not much fun.

But you're right, worrying won't help. So, try to relax.



You will be me.

Wombats make great security blankets... ;)

Jan :-*

I dunno if anyone remembers but like last year I posted about some things that I found grown on my thyroid glands. I felt one it was so big. So, they did biopsies then and then recently they had done more, the first set they did were all benign, and they were half solid half liquid. They drained the big one. And then they did the ones that were all solid/tissue and they were malignant. So. They're removing my thyroid gland to get rid of them.

Thanks you guys. :). I know I'll be okay and all but hospitals suck.


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