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I am stuck in a horrible place.

3 weeks after possible exposure, I got sick. I've now had just about every symptom asssociated with ARS (no rash) . I am not exagerrating. Now (7 weeks post exposure) I have swollen tonsils (still!), conjunctivitis and, most worryingly, my right wrist and fingers are painful when I move them and are becoming increasingly immobile. I was completely healthy up until 4 weeks ago and I've never been ill like this ever. PCR DNA results are pending.

I have no idea what to do. Perhaps there is nothing to be done.

Will the hand return to normal? Should I attempt to get meds? Sit tight until results?

Any advice at all is much appreciated. Any similarly messy ARS or false ARS stories also appreciated.

Possible exposure?? What type of possible exposure?

Oral sex on a sex worker who was menstruating (didn't realise until after when I spat some blood).

To date, there have been NO documented cases of HIv through cunnilingus. Your risk was essentially zero.

I am glad to hear that but a little worried about two things.

1) I may have had a puncture in my lip from where she bit me earlier in the evening.

2) Protected vaginal sex - worried that some blood got on my penis when she took off the condom.


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