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Hi there,

Just wanted to let you guys know what a great job you do and how informative this site is for all!  Anyways, my questions is basically two-fold.  How much does the presence of menstrual blood affect the transmission likelyhood from female to male during unprotected sex?  I have read quoted transmission odds at 1:1000 for a single encounter.  This would not sky-rocket the odds to 1:10 or anything would it?  Also, I'm sure there are plenty of HIV positive people who got infected from a "one-time" exposure.....and that there are people who have had sex 100's of times and not gotten it, and people who have had sex once and contracted it...........but in your experiences...........would you say that THE MAJORITY (I'm not talking about the 2-3 people who will write "I got it from ONE TIME sex") of people that contract the virus heterosexually probably contract it from being in a relationship with someone who they did not realize had the virus and therefore had REPEATED exposures??  I know hetero is the most frequent worldwide transmitter.  It just does not seem that frequent or common in the US, unless you are repeatedly exposed through an unknowing partner.   It seems like , EVEN TODAY, most resources are directed towards the gay in the USA.  Thanks in advance for an informed response!

One more question..............I am a bit confused.   Unprotected vaginal sex is considered a high risk activity, correct?   I just read a thread who claims he has  "3 min of brief unprotected vaginal sex" and responders were telling him he had "low risk" and "not to worry, it's hard to transmit".  Please clarify!


Can I ask why you are using different usernames while posting to our forums? Thus far, you have also used HIVsexpert

Please realize that this kind of activity is disrespectful of other forum members, as well as our moderators. People spend a considerable amount of time helping others in these forums. Using multiple accounts is at the very least annoying, if not deceiving and disrespectful of others. It is also against our Terms of Membership which you agreed to when you became a member. This information is also contained within the Welcome Thread, which you should have read by now. So really, you have no excuse.

You must realize that the answers won't change, no matter how many names you post under.

I would appreciate a reply to this message, and I hope you will commit to using just one account. If not, you will be banned from further access to the forums.


Sorry, I will refrain from using my new ID and only use this one.  I forgot that I had this ID and also the password, but I retreived it from my old email.  Again, I apologize


Considering the misleading nature of your chosen screen-name, I would rather you used Chicago.



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