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When will this roller coaster slow down

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Sorry guys I just need a quick scream


It seems that everyday something else is thrown into the equation, and its starting to wear me out, in the last 3 1/2 weeks Ive gone from being HIV+ to having renal failure to dangerously high Calcium levels and today I've just found out that the inducted sputum sample i gave a few weeks ago has been grown on culture and they have found some kind of TB bug and Ive to go in next week and get it investigated. If it is TB then my chances of starting my new job as a teacher are screwed. I don't want to answer my phone as I'm paranoid it will be the doctor telling me something else is wrong.

This is one roller coaster ride that i want to get off NOW!

(scream over and calming down now)

Matty the Damned:

If you've got renal problems and TB then you really need to sort those out before you go back to teaching. I appreciate the difficulties you're facing right now, but you owe it to yourself (and in light of the TB to your students) to get these things sorted out.



paul, hello, that is a lot  you've got going on at the moment.

i am wondering why things are being left until next week though, in terms of investigation, further treatment..

what is being done about the renal failure? and the calcium levels?

and to agree with matty..if you are experiencing renal failure, your immune system is obviously struggling so much, you possibly have TB, & you are still recovering from  PCP..with all those difficulties, are you really feeling well enough to be thinking about going back to work? Perhaps focusing on regaining some strength and health first is the priority

i hope things are soon easier, calmer for you


Matty the Damned:

I forgot to ask, are you having dialysis for the renal issues? If so how will this (which is usually many hours of treatment a week) sit with your teaching responsibilities?


Hi Matty, Penguin

The renal failure has been resolved, it was the Seprtin (bactrum) that caused that and my kidney function is returning to normal, the doctor said it was Chronic Tubular Necrosis that i had, which they believed lead to the high Calcium levels (but are still not sure). Both were treated while in hospital and monitored daily and they were happy enough with the results to let me go home.
I think they are leaving the TB thing till next week as they are not sure what it is they have grown or how to treat it, the doc said it was not serious enough at this stage to ask me to stay in hospital. I imagine the need time to investigate what it is and the growth of it was speeded up on the culture dishes.

Work is going to be a hard one, i guess I'll speak to the head teacher and keep them informed, its hard to do that when i don't want to disclose my status, so must choose my words carefully


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