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Matty the Damned:

yes it is an open group which accepts members from all walks of life but we  have rules that members must adhere to e.g. respect, prayers before sessions, going for VCTetc.

Your ideas help thanks.

You're a bible based group, yes? Perhaps you should tell us about your rules and how they work, what is VCT and so on. So that we can see if your group is compatible with th AIDSMEDS standard for dealing with these things. Is your doctrinal basis scripturally focussed. How are positive members from say the drug injector community viewed? How are gay and bi-sexual men (who still may be active) included?


Andy Velez:
In order to get more responsive answers I suggest that you give more of the history of the group and what the meetings are like. What do you discuss? What kind of help do you need.

And perhaps most importantly what is your idea of what you would like to have from this site?

Please be specific as that will increase the likelihood of getting informed replies. Right now your request is very general and unclear.

I usually find when leading groups that when people feel genuinely safe they start opening up with their concerns. You might ask group members what would make the group interesting/useful/valuable for them. If members are being quiet it means something is keeping them from speaking up. You might say you have noticed that some people don't speak very often and ask them (if you are the leader) what you might do differently to encourage more talk and/or ask them if you are doing something wrong.


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