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For Zephyr!


Drum roll please!

That's right, the Zephyr cholla is not only growing, but looks like it wants to bloom!

I knew naming this delightful New Mexico native (and an endangered one at that) after such an incredible lady would be good omen! 8)

Just thought I would pass that along.



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Hi Mark

I know this was meant just for Zephy..but whenever I see her name I know it has to be something worth reading.

The "Zephyr Cholla" sounds very there any chance of seeing a photo?..I love beautiful plants..especially when they are named after our own beautiful lady, who is definately blooming.


The Zephyr Cholla -- I like that name! 

I miss all those wonderful desert plants (they indeed are beautiful Jan).  When I was in AZ last week, my auntie's ocotillo was blooming beautifully.

Will second that request for a pic, por favor!

Take care,

I'll see what I can do about the photo. It's just so cute! The blooms of this particular variety are supposed to be crimson. Since I'm quite fond of red, I can't wait.



Hey there, Mark....

How did you know I was just thinking about my tree??? ;D Gee, that's so terrific of you to post something for me about it, and I sure would love to see her........pluuzzeee??? Can't wait!!

And Jan, honey, thank you for saying that...I do feel like I'm blooming, I really do. I have such good friends here, you always make me smile!!

Love to you.....

Zephyr :-*


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