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developing allergy


Is it possible to develop allergy after taking meds for awhile? I'm on Sustiva and Trizivir for years now but lately I am itching from occasional rash on my back, thigh/legs. I am in constant contact with my doctor about it eliminating possible cause at a time, but I was wondering if anyone has experienced developing allergies to meds that they were on for sometime.

Any answer will be helpful. Thanks.

I just wonder if your doctor has evaluated the rash.  I doubt the rash is due to the HIV meds.  You should also try to engage the services of a Dermatologist who deals with HIV clients if possible.  You may just have dematitis or psoriasis which there may be some limited treatments for that might help.

Good Luck!


a rash or itching is a very common side effect from most of the hiv meds,i use to get a steriod shot to control this problem at the beginning but it has not been such a big problem since i switched drugs.On ocassion i do have a problem with flare ups but i just take a couple of benadryl

I know that my CNS difficulties with Sustiva only manifested themselves after several months. In addition, the impact of AZT on my body (anemia and stuff) took a while to show up. I was not aware of what is typically considered an "acute" allergic reaction, e.g. a rash, doing this. But I would not be at all shocked to learn about it.


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