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Am a Bi Indian guy in London.. Arrived here 4 weeks back.. Am married and was planning a kid with my wife back in India.. Never ever had unsafe sex in my life.. Not even with my boyfriend of 7 years.. Am going tomorrow to get my HIV test done and this time am sure i am POZ. And am almost sure that am gonna kill myself after i get the results.. I am crying right now writing this blog.. I love my wife and my boyfriend alot and i never thought i am gonna leave them so soon.. I guess i will take some strong sleeping pills.. That will be the most easy way out.. I wanted a kid of my own and in turn i ended up messing not only my life but their life as well.. Why did GOD this to me? Why me??

You never had unsafe sex with anyone and your worried about your test result...and anxiety is driving you nuts?????
Bhai If you have had safe sex..then there's nothing for you to worrie about really.
Please stay calm..everything will be fine.
Experts on this forum will definately help you in fighting This anxiety driven outburst of emotions
You will be fine buddy!

I won't even address the notion fo your suicide, except to state that if you do so, you will be showing such disrespect and love for your family that perhaps they'd be better off. Seriously, that crap makes me really angry to hear. It's self indulgent and self absorbed.

Now, did you have a risk? Unprotected sex? Because if you did not, there is no need to be this freaked out... or freaked out at all, actually. You state in your post  you never had unprotected sex. So why suddenly freaking out? What changed?


Unless you've been having unprotected anal or vaginal intercourse with someone who is hiv positive, you are very unlikely to test positive.

If you have been assuming that you're hiv positive based on symptoms, then you need to know that symptoms or the lack of symptoms mean absolutely nothing when it comes to hiv infection. Only the appropriate test at the appropriate time will reliably inform you of your hiv status.

Please stop posting in the Blog forum. Your posts belong here in the Am I Infected forum ONLY.


I have all the symptoms.. light fever, swollen glands, muscle aches, diarrhea, fatigue and rash.. And i feel as if i am a walking dead body.. Am sure i got it doing oral with my gums bleeding.. Neways Ann.. I guess i will be able to post in your Blog pretty soon.. Am really sorry to say all this.. But when you have a lovely wife and it goes out of your hands.. it hurts.. it hurths to the core.. I wish i could see her face just once.. I just cant sleep in this house.. Am so lonely.. my stomach is growling all the time.. making me realise.. when am about to sleep.. tht i am HIV +ive.. I dont have a right to feel happy.. to even have a sound sleep..


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