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Drug Holiday in the states


I was planning on visiting some very dear friends whom i haven't seen since leaving the states in 1992.

Obviously the total ban on HiV positive people entering the United States is not only exasperating, it's depressing.

I have no intention of takinga drug holiday as i have been on meds only 8 months and with a CD4 count at 164 i don't want to take the chance despite having undetectable V/L for 7 months.

Neither do i want to be caught with HiV meds at immigration controls, they were extreme and paranoid enough in 1992 i can only imagine what it is like now.

My question is how easy is it to get hold of HAART drugs once inside the USA and how expensive ? is it a question of ordering via internet or can pharmacies supply them ?

I take kaletra and abacavir.

Hi Mike,

Entering USA for Hivers is for sure a very stressing experience. I heard that many persons did it successfully simply by hiding their pills in other bottles of commun pills ( aspirin, vitamins etc..bottles).

Ordering drugs via Internet from our Canadian pharmacies seems a good idea also. Maybe someone here could tell you more about that eventuality.

Good luck and bon voyage,


You can also ship them ahead of time, I think.

well thanks guys, i've considered both of those options...i'm sure that a lot of people have successfully hidden their meds in bottles etc but i also know of at least two people who did that and got caught, one was sent to a detention centre for 3 days before being released but both were sent home on the next flight with their passports and names blacklisted....i don't know if i want to put myself through that kind of stress and risk getting caught.

i also know that people do send meds in advance but apparently about 50 % of them never get through as customs opens them and destroys the contents.

obviously the only safe way to enter is to lie about your HiV status on the tourist entry form and buy them once in the country or maybe get a friend to order tham ina dvance so you don't have to wait.

really sad and shocking that a supposed free democratic country takes such a paranoid and hypocritical position when others like the UK, Spain and France don't even ask your HiV status when applying for work visas !


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