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Matthew here,
      Well I too recently found out I was positive. I got tested 6 weeks ago. There have been so many great changes in my life recently that I was in such a great place mentally in my life that I decided to get tested. I went with someone I had just met about a week prior. He had come to my work one day and I told him that I was going to go get tested, They were offering the test for free at a local gay comunity center.He decided to join me. I really didn't think I was positive, for one I have never gotten sick like the stories I have heard. Needless to say I went to the center. It was a huge room where they have meetings and functions for us gays. I must say that while we were waiting for our number to be called, I felt a bit nervous. I was telling my friend what a horrible place this would be to find out that one was positive. It was definitely government funded. Very dark, kind of run down... Well they call my number , then his. So then we wait twenty minutes or so and for some reason she came out and said just a little more time. I almost swallowed my stomach. Fanally after about 40 minutes she calls my number and I go in. Not feeling the ground beneath me. Just feeling numb for some reason. I sit down, Palms sweating and i sit there while she says nothing and pushes this test towards me.And I smile and say its negative right. She had a hard time telling me. Her face was blank and she said no I'm sorry Its not. I said not what' At this point I was in a cloud..... :-[ Numb from head to toe. My new friend waiting in the other room for me to come out. I didn't understand. I said it could be false right, are you sure? could it be something else, hepatitis ,.... something... She said no I'm sorry but its pretty accurate. She said are you OK. I said I don't know. My friend is in there Oh no hes going to know. I told her  OK I'm leaving. she said wait.. wait, we need to do another test. I said how long will that take. My friends going to find out because Ive been in here so long.   Cause I remember the people before me going in for there results were real quick like 2 minutes..... Well I agreed to another test, a swab.. I sat down she was obviously concerned. I felt so alone, scared, empty, numb, nauseous, dizzy, sweating... 
 Well after the test I got up and left the room. I was walking over to my friend, which let me tell you seemed like a ten mile walk.. He said to me negative right. I didn't answer him his face went long. Mine very blank. I started to cry. He grabbed me. And held me I told him I would be OK.... He was great....
Then she called him in. He wouldn't let go of me and told me to come in there with him. She said she could not allow me to come in. He was angry cause he did not want to leave me alone. So he said I will be right out. It was less than 15 seconds and he opened the door and said come in. He was negative. Needless to say what a blessing it was for me to have a friend like that. He truly held me together. That's my story. I will write more when I'm a little less emotional. Thanks for listening. Matthew

Hi Matthew,

Your message is short so I am guessing that you just tested positive...

If, so, I am very sorry you did but I am also glad you found this place right away. It is the best source of information and round the clock support I have found in the four years I have been HIV+.

A very warm welcome to you!!  Let us know how you are and someone will respond with good advice. There are people here who have dealt with the virus for over 20 years... they know.

Pat  :-*

Hi back, Matthew

Matty the Damned:
Welcome to the Fourms, Matthew. :-* It's nice to have another member of the League of Matthew's here. We rock. ;)

Matty the Damned

Hello Matthew, it is Eldon. I wanted to extend a warm Welcome to you here in the forums. Here you will find the love, understanding, encouragement, support, and many answers to your questions relating to HIV/AIDS. There is a lot of information here on this site.

I am sorry to hear that you tested positive. However, it is a good thing that you do know now so that you can take better care for yourself. It truly is a blessing that your new friend was there right beside you to give you the support you need.

The BEST thing you can do now is educate yourself on HIV/AIDS. If taking medication, take it as your doctor has prescribed it. Eat a healthy diet, get plenty of exercise, drink plenty of fluids, and get plenty of rest.

Again, Welcome!


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