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water duck:
Joey sending YOU  the much needed



Hello Joey,

I just want to say hello and welcome you to the site. It's always difficult to welcome someone who is newly diagnosed, but I am sure you will find plenty of support here from everyone, and no doubt you will learn many things. I wish this site had existed, when I was diagnosed positive back in 1985...Hell, ! I wish there was an internet then !! A lot of progress has been made, since the early days of this virus, and there are people working throughout the world on a daily basis. So always keep hope alive !! I have always remained hopeful, optimistic and positive, in all the years of living with HIV. It's important to remain focused !!

I know things are moving fast for you, and that you have a lot of issues, questions and concerns, going through your mind right now, but try to find some time for yourself to unwind and de-stress. It's always easy for someone else to say this. Just understand you are not alone in this, we have all been there, and we do understand.

 You say you are back to work. That is a good thing. I am a firm believer, that if you are capable of working, that you should work. I still continue to work full time. Make sure to know your limitations. Don't push yourself too hard, and make sure to get plenty of rest when you need it. The body heals the best when you are able to get a good 8 hours of sleep a day, and when you can live your life as stress free as you possibly can. It's not always easy, but it is possible. Understand that life goes on, and that you need to keep a good outlook on life !!

Make sure to check out the other forums as well, especially the nutrition forum, and see what else you can do to keep yourself additionally healthy. My words of advice, eat right, sleep right, keep busy ( but know your limits.), and educate yourself (learn a little each day, at your pace) And be very adherent to the meds and the schedule you are on.

It's not always an easy road, and there will be potholes and speed bumps on occasion, but you will be able to get down  that road, as so many of us do on a daily basis. Hang in there !!

Take care of yourself/ Stay in touch/ Ask questions !!!-------Ray

Hello and first off id like to send you a hug!! I too tested positive July 31st. It seems like weve been dealing with this about the same time and have similar experiences with this primary stage.I would really like to keep contact here as we could support each other perhaps discuss meds and whatever we need too.........Im also very new as i said and ive got lots to learn, but ill be here..................................lets keep in touch


Welcome to the forums here at aidsmeds...  I know those fears all to well.. Was there a year ago and I have not looked back...  Health Care,  wow..  We should have known all there is right?!?!  Bloodborne pathogens and all those lectures right?? I am an EMT...  Still going strong and helping others as you should to..  Life goes on..  Disclosure that you are worried about will taper in time...  There are so so many health care workers, law enforcement, fire protection and you name it, we are well represented...  Keep posting and letting us get to know you better..  We all have had experiences that you have yet to go through... Allow us to share our experiences with you so as to lessen your fears.  Your going to do just great... After time passes your meds will get you back what you have lost.  Be good to yourself, and do not work to hard until you get a few more cd4's to juggle with..  Lots of rest and sleep and stress is a big NO NO, and yes I know, in your line of work, it can be difficult... 

All my Love,

Hello Joey, it is Eldon. I wish to extend to you a big warm Welcome with a BIG hug too. Here at the forums you will find love, encouragement, support, fun, and many answers to your questions relating to HIV/AIDS. This is a Damn good group of people and YES, you have found the right place!

As all have said, Educate yourself as much as you can on HIV/AIDS. Follow your Doctor's advice. Get plenty of rest, eat a proper diet, get some exercise, and drink plenty of fluids. Feel free to come and vent any of your frustrations that you may have, we are here for you.

Again, Welcome to the family!


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