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Should he be tested just in case?

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cassandra smaasch:
Hi all,

You may remember I was extremely anxous a few months ago regarding HIV infection, tested negative in March after months of worrying etc.  My boyfriend has a swollen lump (I think it's a lymph node) underneath his arm, he thinks its nothing problably related to a burn he got on Monday on his hand but I am getting anxious that somehow this could be something serious?  I made a doctor's appointment for both of us tomorrow. 

No dont' remember your post. As you can see we have several posts a week.

Andy Velez:
Symptoms of any kind are never the way to know anything reliably about HIV status.  And a swollen lymph node or "lump" is not in anyway an HIV specific symptom.

If your bf has had unprotected intercourse prior to or outside of your relationship or any other risky behavior then he should get tested. And you two should be using latex condoms everytime you have intercourse until the issue of your HIV statuses is reliably clarified.

HIV is never something to guess about.

cassandra smaasch:
Thanks, so are you saying a possible swollen lymph gland is not symptomatic of hiv infection? 

Swollen lymph nodes are not specific to ARS/HIV infection.


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