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Newly Diagnosed and Started Meds was that right???

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Dear MC,

My doctor  perscribed my meds on the same day of my first set of labs.  So she didnt even know the results yet.  I'm going again next week for my  2nd  viral load  and CD counts.  I dont know what to expect.  but i hope they are better than the first.  Sometimes the meds make me feel weird  but she says that most of the side effects will be gone after six weeks.  I'm almost at 4 weeks of med therapy.   

Hugs to you buddy.  Others have said  to start meds is the decision of you and your  Dr.  but for some reason mine started me right away.  She must have thought my labs were lower than what they were   I dont know. 


Hi,I Had Almost The Exact Same Situation,Biggest Difference Is That
Was in 2000.I Think At That Time Those Numbers (the high Vl) W0uld
Have put most People On Meds.I Continued For EAxactly 1 Year Then
Stopped And Am Still Holding Out.For Me A Very Healthy Diet And Alot
Of Rest Are Essential,Never Eat Anywhere You Think Is Even Remotely
Un Hygenic,With or Without Meds Your Stomach Is Going To Be Ypour
biggest nightmare.Chicken, Fish, Fresh Vegetables will Become Good Friends!
Still Its Not All Doom ANd Gloom I Have Had My Heathliest Year So Far
Probably The Result Of Learning From All My Mistakes In The Past.
Never Eat Anyting An Airline Gives You!Please Feel Free To Ask Me Anything
I Maybe You 5 Years On.sorry for the typos my delete button has been the
first victim on my keyboard.


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