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Newly Diagnosed and Started Meds was that right???

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Hi all 

I was just wondering  I am newly diagnosed HIV and my  doctor  (ID)  started me on  meds at the same time I had my first cd and viral load test.  Was that a right thing to do?  Ended up my CD4 was  357   and viral load  greater than 100,000   

She started me on Combivir twice a day  and Sustiva. 



The right thing to do was for her to advise you that it might be a good time to start meds, based on your CD4 count and viral load and go through the approved (and perhaps non-approved) options for first-time meds, outlining the good and bad points of each combo, which is likely to be more effective at getting your viral load to below 50 copies (the target) and esp. the possible side effects, and suggest a  combo (or two mybe) based on your preferences that will fit with your life pattern.

Even more right, IMHO, unless you were keen to start treatment right away, would be to take a second set of tests at least. This provides a more informed position on CD4/viral load.


As it is, guidelines suggest starting treatment with a CD4 count between 350 and 200, and certainly no lower than 200.  Sustiva/Combivir is a proven first-line therapy. But there are others, and. esp regarding the Combivir bit of the combo, kinder drugs to use <<< this v. important if you don't get on with the combo.

The right thing to do is the thing you decide is the right thing.  It's your life, n your HIV infection.

PS - welcome.

- matt

Hey thanks Matt

All of this is so new to me....... I'm still all dazed from  it all.  Any tips on what to do next?  and staying healthy? 



Joey, I strongly urge you to peruse the WELCOME THREAD at the top of the site. There are excellent lessons there, from meds to alternative therapies and stuff. Also, this forum has hundreds... well, maybe thousands... of threads that will certainly be of help.

But the best thing you can do right now, is know your limits. Absorb what you can, and pace yourself. It's easy to get overwhelmed, and thing is, you don't need to know everything all at once. And, of course, realise that someone else's experience, godo or bad, might not necessarily reflect your own.

Honestly, if you are still dazed, I'd work on wrapping your head around your diagnosis first, and maybe researching the meds and stuff you may have to start. Because everything else will be a blur right now. Try to get plenty of rest, sleep. Remember to eat. Cry if you need to, rage if you have to.

This is a journey that will last you for the next seven or eight decades. It's important, especially now, to pace yourself.

You are gonna bee ok. And you have come to the best resource I have ever experienced, online or off.

When i read your post last week i did think it a bit odd that your Dr put you immediately on Meds. I was also recently diagnosed myself and your Cd4 and VL was better than mine and i haven't yet started on meds as the Dr wants to wait till my 2ND result on Sept 12. My CD4 is 320 and viral load 900,000.........................perhaps the Dr's decision  has something to do with your CD4 percentage as it seemed quite low at 7%......................I'm also naive about this as we have been infected about the same time.Id perhaps ask the DR. this about the percentage and find out if that's the reason for meds?

Anyhow my friend good luck and hope to see you here soon!


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