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Ryan white funding JERKED OUT FROM UNDER ME !

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midland moe:
I agree its total BS and im a hothead who is quick to go on the offensive when i feel trodden upon, that being said and becuase i can be objective since im not the one who is angry (if i was i wouldnt be able to think it through until i stopped and forced myself to) as wrong as it is, and as hurt as you are by this, think about whats important...your health and your ability to access affordable care...if that means you have to sacrifice a little dignity unfortunately that is the hidden cost, is it fair no! is life fair? not always...when it comes to treating hiv unless your a millionaire you cant afford to take a stand on them and say your sorry for getting angry (even if your not) ask them to see it from your point of view and ask them to overlook the outburst you directed at them, and to PLEASE help you (you dont have to like doing this, but it will make your life easier in the long run) just my 2 cents



   Hullo, ALL

        Well it looks like I MAY  get my Ryan white back   OCTOBER   first !

       I am NOT  going to fight  it anymore .

        AS  suggested I have pleaded my point , and asked for forgiveness !

     I miss NOT being  able to go to my group or see the friends I have made thought the years !

     It is MY life !  We do NOT do anything but eat piddle around and go to support groups
      when we feel good !

     I AM  SORRY that this happend !  Won't be doing that again !


       I am surprised that some of you find it hard to believe  how little  one can live on !

       We are OK  NOW !

      But for a few years  we did with out   cable . ( fuzzy T.V. )  one station !

      I had   Dial up  (    $9.99 )  a month  !

      Ate   only  cheap  food !

      We still do NOT  use the air conditioning much !

      Conserve  electric !

      Our idea of fun is chopping a tree down  ::)

     I pray  WE ALL get to live better lives one day .



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