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"Blonde" moment

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You know how some people have blonde moments(no offensive to blondes). Well I had a blonde day!

The exterminator came this morning. I left all the lights on in the basement so she could see what she was doing. We have a family room, a bedroom, utility room, and another big room where we have a big freezer and store things.

I went upstairs and waited for her to arrive. She arrived and headed off to do her spraying. She done the basement first then the rest of the house.

I went downstairs and all the lights were off. I went in the family room and pulled the chains on the ceiling fans and no lights. Went in the lights. Had power to everything else except the overhead lights.

I checked the fuse box..flipped switches and nothing. Hubby came home and I told him. He went to Lowe's and bought a new thingy for the breaker box. Put it lights.

Told me to call the electrician tomorrow.

My sis calls. I tell her about it. She said isn't there a switch on the wall that controls the lights. I go over and flip the light switch on.....WE HAVE LIGHTS!

Hubby is aggravated because "I" didn't think to flip on the light switch. I reminded him that "HE" didn't think of it either.

Thank heavens my sis called tonite. I would have have felt so stupid writting that check for the electrician!




Arent you glad you solved the problem BEFORE the electrician? Seriously.

Okay, I'll top that.

Last month, I came home, and as usual, emptied my pockets, in which is my cellphone. I take the cellphone and make a call. I'm talking. Then, while doing that, I'm looking at the dresser upon which I lay the stuff from my pockets--and I can't find my cell phone. I pat down my pants pockets--not there. I walk into the kitchen and look around the counters. Finally, I am about to say to the person on the phone that I can't find my cell phone--then realize where the phone is.

Oh gosh darn it all !!  Thats terrible...  You know I have been posting on this board for 4 years, but knowbody ever answered because I never pushed the "post" button...   I could have been a blonde easy...

My partner called a repairman because our dishwasher had stopped working. The guy pressed the start button, flipped what looked like a light switch on the wall above the dishwasher, pressed the start button again and as the dishwasher started held out his hand and said "That will be $60". We felt like such idiots but neither of us knew that in newer homes it is code that the dishwasher is on a wall switch.


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