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Im a 21 yo male

Since i was about 16 ive done alot of stupid things such as hooking up with random guys and girls, i had unprotected sex with one girl a long time ago and with the guys i only usually topped i never bottomed and i mostly used a condom. For the last 2 years ive felt tired and shitty not being able to concentrate etc. This last month i started off with a viral infection of the mouth which consisted of like 50 sores in my mouth after that went away i got shingles which is i heard extreammly unlikely for a person my age, i am now currently experiencing the shingles and now my toungue is very sore and looks to be developing a white coating on it im thinking some thrush maybe but i dont kno

Maybe im just panicking here but what is the chances of the HIV hiding in my system and having no symptoms until now does this sound possible and if these are stupid questions like 50% of them in this forum lol i apolgize for wasting your time just wanna put my mind at ease and hope all this is a huge coincidence


HIV is impossible to diagnose from symptoms because they are variable and look allot like other ailments, so they cannot provide you with a clear answer no matter how convincing they may seem.

As for shingles, I had it once too.  Was in great shape at the time, seemingly healthy, so don't fit puzzles together that will only drive you mad.

You MUST, MUST use condoms 100% of the time to protect yourself.  Topping is a risk, as is unprotected vaginal sex.  No exceptions on the condom use. 

You need a HIV test to check your status.  Wait 13 weeks from your last UNprotected exposure and get a test so you can be sure of your status.  You have had a risk, as for you chances, they matter not.  Topping is lower risk than bottom, its harder for a woman to transmit HIV to a man, but in any case, these facts only help your mind, you need a test to be sure.

Also, since you are sexually active, a full STD panel is advised say annually ok?

CONDOMS.  Anything else is putting yourself at risk for something you seriously don't want.


thanks so much for the quick reply

I did have a blood test where did they checked for HIV like 6 months ago and it was negative but now with all these new symptoms i was thinking maybe it hid from the test but i honestly think my mind is just making myself worry for no reason lol


Having unprotected sex has put you at risk for many std's including hiv.  You need to test.

All responsible adults should have regular sexual health checkups and be screened for all STD's at least once a year.


Matty the Damned:

If you're sexually active you should have a full STD screen twice a year, which would include an HIV antibody test. I encourage you to make an appointment with your doctor or local clinic. When it comes to diagnosing HIV, symptoms are meaningless. The only way to be sure is to have a test 12-13 weeks from the date of an unprotected sexual encounter.

As for shingles, while it's uncommon in healthy young people, you're not "extremely unlikley" to get it. A lot of things can bring on an attack of shingles, including stress. Shingles is by no means indicative of HIV infection. People with healthy functioning immune systems get shingles too.

I would encourage you to read our Welcome Thread to learn more about HIV is and is not transmitted.

Best regards,



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