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I had protected sex with a stripper over 2 months ago. I got a pcr by dna and elisa test at day 54. How accurate is the Pcr by dna test? I read that it's almost conclusive after 28 days. If this is the case, why isn't this test used more than the standard elisa test? Does anybody know how accurate the pcr test is? The counselor at the testing center said it's about 98% accurate after 28 days.


Andy Velez:
That test, though highly sensitive was never designed for diagnostic purposes. And yes, a negative at 28 days is considered the next-best-thing to an all clear.

For diagnostic purposes the ELISA is still the recommended test to be done at 13 weeks after a risky incident.

You had protected intercourse so there wasn't any need for testing to begin with. Condoms provide very effective protection against HIV transmission. 

Read the lessons on this site about transmission and testing and you'll get some useful info about the basics.

This time out you have no cause for concern nor for further testing unless you need it just for your own peace of mind.


Hey thanks

is it because it gives so many false positives


Yes, the PCR test is not approved for diagnostic purposes because it throws up a high number of false positives.

You didn't need testing in the first place. You are without doubt hiv negative.


wouldn't you rather have a false positive than negative? For future reference how sensitive is the pcr by dna test. If it shows up negative is it conclusive after 28 days


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