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I am a 28 year old male from london uk, I went out 2 weeks ago to a pub and ended up flirting with a lady who claims she was 34 (and I have no reason to doubt her), we ended up back at my place where we attempted unprotected intercourse (I say attempted because I was too drunk and after 5 mins gave up, although it WAS still intercourse), that was basically it, now the next day I was very regretful and started thinking about the possibility of catching an STD so I started reading up on it, anyways, about 9 days later I noticed slight headaches and I checked my neck and noticed a slight lump on the right hand side (I can only assume its a lymph gland), I started worrying about the possibility of a hiv infection (although I have no reason to believe the lady had hiv), now today (12 days after the encounter) I feel nauseous after getting home from work, I did stop for a couple of pints of lager quite early at 12 noon (I finish work at 1pm), I started feeling nauseous soon after I left the pub so I don't know if that is the reason for the nausea, I had a 2 hour afternoon nap and woke up feeling alot more nauseous, no headaches and still a slight lump on my right side of my neck.

I am really paranoid now and convinced myself that I have caught hiv, any thoughts?

I hope you are not going by symptoms because they don't mean squat. Your symptoms came on to early to be related to HIV. You should test at the appropriate time for other stds.

Thank you RapidRod for your reply.

I will get the neccesary STD tests asap, I just wanted to hear some opinions if the symptoms I am getting are possibly hiv related, although you say it's too early, I have read alot of different things on that subject, some say the first acute hiv symptoms are from 3 days to 3 weeks, some say 1 week to 1 month, and others say 1 month to 3 months, which is correct, it's all confusing with conflicting information available  :(

Andy Velez:
OK, here are some bits which are not going to be confusing:

1. You need to get tested for HIV at 13 weeks after the most recent unprotected incident.

2. Anytime you have intercourse without a condom you are putting your life at risk. So keep that latex handy and use one everytime. No exceptions.

3. Mixing excessive drinking and casual/impulsive sex is a dangerous combination and has accounted for many, many infections.

4. HIV is not an easy virus to transmit. It's significantly harder to accomplish from female to male. The odds against transmission via a single exposure are in your favor against it occuring. BUT, low risk is not the same as no risk so you need to learn from this experience and use condoms everytime.

5.  Symptoms mean zilch as a way of knowing your HIV status. ONLY an HIV test taken at the right time can give you a reliable answer about your HIV status.

Good luck with your test.


Thanks for the reply Andy Velez .

I am aware of most of what you said, but my initial concearn is still the symtoms I have had, I have just got up ready to go to work and I feel absolutely fine, no headache and no nausea, still swollen gland on right side (lower neck) .
RapidRod said that this is too early for the first acute hiv signs, is that a fact or not? I know you both say that symptoms mean nothing, but I am just trying to get my head around some of what I have read because as I said there is alot of conflicting information avaiable.



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