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Am I Infected?



I do not know where to start. Pardon me if I am being too naïve in explaining the issue, English is not my first language. I did a very stupid thing three months ago. I had sex with a woman whom i met online chat site on May 17th. 

I fingered her at the beginning of sex.  I always do have some cuts and bruises on my finger due my habit of pulling off dead skin around nails.  Is there any risk involved with this?

I had protected virginal insertive sex.  My penis soften several times during sex, and I had to pull it out and masturbate it to make it strong again. But I am pretty sure the condom did not break up during sex, even though there is a slight possibility that my penis was slipping out of the condom (but I am sure just an inch from the bottom of my penis, the tip and more than half was still covered).  I had sex only on missionary and doggy style.

At he end of the sex, I took of the penis out including condom, went to bathroom to wash my genital area.  There was no soap and shower , so I poured water on my genital area and rubbed with hand to clean.  Now there was some virginal fluid in pubic hair region and I fear  that while cleaning I might moved some fluid from pubic hair and touched the tip of penis.  Is this risky at all?

I know that symptom doesn’t matter in the case of HIV. Yet, I would say that I have grown all the symptoms mentioned in CDC web site in last three months.  For example,  after couple of weeks, I started to have some stiff neck and neck pain and till today I have the pain. On the fifth week, I had a flue for couple of days which followed by dry coughing  and till today I have that. After  6th week I started to have some pain in my groin lymph node region which occasionally spreads also in my rectum region and even upper Thai and lower abdomen – the pain is felt under the skin and felt like burning.

Also note that, about the same time, my GF who is monogamous, felt some rash on vaginal area  and felt pain while having sex.  This went away within 3 / 4 weeks.
On 10th/11th week,  I had to face mild fever with lots of sweat (night and day!). I also faced severe pain in neck, groin and, armpit region (swollen gland), weight loss of about 3-4 lb, profound fatigue, muscle ache, joint pain, back pain,  some pain on my penis and lower abdomen too.

It is now 14th week and I gave blood to test HIV last week (still waiting for the result). Now I am scared whether I have HIV+. If not then what else could cause such a turmoil in my life which apparently looks like HIV+ ?



Just as a note I tested for syphilis, Chlamydia and gonorrhea and all test  came negative . I tested 2nd of June while I was exposed  on 1th of May. Was that too early to test those STDs?


You did not have a risk for contracting HIV. Syphilis has a three month incubation period.

Does my symptoms look like syphilis?


Nothing you did with the online woman was of any risk for hiv infection.

If you are worried about other sexually transmitted infections, the only way you will know what is going on is to go to your doctor and get the screening done. We cannot diagnose you. The same goes for any of your other symptoms as well. Nothing you mention is specific to hiv. Go see a doctor and get to the bottom of it.

You should also be using condoms with your girlfriend. You need to be using condoms for anal or vaginal intercourse, every time, no exceptions until such time as you are in a securely monogamous relationship where you have both tested for ALL STIs together. To agree to have unprotected intercourse is to consent to the possibility of being infected with a sexually transmitted infection.

Have a look through the condom and lube links in my signature line so you can use condoms with confidence.

Anyone who is sexually active should be having a full sexual health care check-up, including but not limited to hiv testing, at least once a year and more often if unprotected intercourse occurs.

If you aren't already having regular, routine check-ups, now is the time to start. As long as you make sure condoms are being used for intercourse, you can fully expect your routine hiv tests to return with negative results. Don't forget to always get checked for all the other sexually transmitted infections as well, because they are MUCH easier to transmit than hiv.



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