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Thank you Jonathan and Boo for your expertise. It has been a horrific and extremely emotional 6 months for me. The reson why I think I've picked up the virus is because there is no other logical explonation. Psychiatric reasons wouldn't give one a white coated tongue and other viral signs for weeks and months. I have tested for everything hepatitis among them. Unless it is some new not yet identified ailment there is no other explonation.
Boo the WBC count jumped from 500 to 700.
My main concern is not that the vaginal secretions made contact with the brake in the outer skin layer but the fact that instead of washing it with water I applied Hydrogen Peroxide which among the disinfecting properties also irritates the skin and opens the wound and potentialy provides the bug with the entrance passage it needs to get into the bloodstream. Only time will show I guess.
Thank you all for your help!

Apologize for misunderstanding. I no longer wanted to use my old screen name and chose a new one. There was no option of deleting the acount or changing the name so I had to abandon the old one. There was no intention of using multiple acounts at the same time - that makes no sense.
You can probably check that I haven't logged on with the other one in a long time, nor do I intend on doing so. Astroman is the one I am keeeping for the entire time being.
Thanks for the great service and help that this website provides!


Stick to this account and you'll be ok. Create a third (well, a fourth) and you will be banned, simple as that, no questions asked. I've disabled your other two accounts.

And by the way, you didn't have a risk by any stretch of the imagination.


Thank you Ann!
I am really puzzled though. What coulod it possibly be? I am getting my 6 months result sometime next week. In your oppinion can Hydrogen Peroxide do the kind of damage as to allow the verus to enter the blood stream? The skin on the thumb (by the nail) is very thin in comparison to other parts of the body.

Read the Welcome thread and go to the lessons link and transmission.


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