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Can someone please clarify why some people seroconvert from 6 moths and up? Is it baseed on the individual's genetics, the particular strain or type of the virus? Can this be the case if the person has a weak immune system that the body fails to produce the antibodies within 3 months mark? All the while feeling sick.
Thank you all.


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Astro, let me remind you that you did not have a risk of infection.

People don't take longer than three months to seroconvert and test positive. There may be a few, very rare, exceptions. These are people who are on chemotherapy for cancer, anti-rejection drugs following organ transplant or people who have been injecting street drugs, every day of every week for years. Even the majority of these people will test positive within three months.

And one more time, you didn't have a risk to begin with. If you feel ill, see your doctor. Whatever is going on, it has nothing to do with hiv. You are reliably hiv negative, period, end of story.



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