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Bah, my cat is going to be eight next Wednesday.

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<.<;. He's oooold. Not too old though. But I remember when he was not even a year old.

We pretty much have grown up together. Since I was little, he's always been there. O.o;.

When I went to the SPCA to get a cat, I had no idea I'd get him. xD. I wanted a CALICO or a TABBY. Haha. And I wanted a girl cat. (I was one of those kids that identified cats as girls and dogs as boys. O.o;). When we got inside my mom was like. Okay. Pick your cat out. So I looked at BUNCHES of cats and eventually there was a little grey tabby kitten female that I LOVED. I played with her for a LONG time. Her name was Julie. She was gentle and playful and cute and healthy and affectionate. =). Even for a little kitten. My mom figured I wanted her, and I thought I did, too.

But I decided to go back into the room with the 'big cats' again, and looked this big black cat in the eyes. Earlier I had taken him out and held him and he clawed my back. <.<; But I asked to see him again and held him and put my head against his waaarm furry body and erm. Yeah. That was it. He was mine. :3. I can't remember an experience I had that was more like... fuzzy and warm than that. Haha.

He's gotten bigger and a little plumper since then but he's still my kitten.  ;D

He curls up in bed with me EVERY night and usually lets me lay on his stomach and use him as a pillow. He chases after invisible bugs! He grooms my rats!

He's a good kitty. :3. Just letting everyone know. Haha.

Please post photos of your cat grooming your rats! Seriously, I need to remind myself that it's still a crazy world, and anything is possible :)

I promise that the next time he does it I'll grab my camera and take some pictures for you.  ;D

He looks exactally like a cat that I had.

 My cats name was Blackie and he loved everyone except my sister, her hubby and their 2 daughters. Don't know what it was about them but he would attack their ankles and hiss at them everytime they came around.

It scared the shit out of them but i thought it was funny..especially my brother in law....LOL


What an original name.  :D  :P

My cat's name is Zachary Binx after the cat in the Disney movie Hocus Pocus.

Again. I was little.


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