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Pennsylvania ADAP Formulary Update

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Miss Philicia:
Effective 1/1/10 (though just issued last week) PA's ADAP formulary has been greatly expanded.  I was kind of surprised to see this happen considering all of the budget issues and, of course, problems I've heard about in other states:

They've even put in place a way to request that medication be added to the formulary if it's not on there currently, which is also surprising.

--- Quote ---Greetings:

It is with great pleasure that SPBP would like to announce the revision of its Pharmaceutical Formulary.  This revision represents the collaboration of many stakeholders and we would like to thank all involved for their assistance.  The MA Bulletin: Special Pharmaceutical Benefits Program (SPBP) - Implementation of the Revised HIV/AIDS Formulary for SP1 Cardholders has an effective date of January 1, 2010.

The bulletin has two separate attachments:

-         The first attachment is the formulary itself.  The drugs are listed alphabetically to be as user friendly as possible.  Listings in lower case indicate the drug is a generic.

-         The second attachment is a newly created form by which anyone can request drugs to be considered for inclusion on the formulary.

Also included in the SPBP Formulary document (Section 1) are the SPBP Pharmacy Service Goals and the Guidelines to the formulary coverage.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the SPBP at 1.800.922.9384 or via email at   Please distribute to all appropriate parties!

The Bulletin announcing the effective date for this revised formulary can be found at the following link:
--- End quote ---

Holy crap.  Louisiana's ADAP covers MAYBE 50 drugs total.  It's on a single piece of paper they gave me.

Well, there is always Texas..... just make sure to remind the last person leaving Louisiana to turn out the lights.  :)

We have a pretty good ADAP formulary and we have a high risk insurance pool which is expensive, but obtainable coverage for poz folks.  We do have some upcoming budget challenges in our ADAP funding. 

That said, Houston has some great resources and a decent poz community.

Miss P already told me to escape when I get the opportunity.  Can't say I don't want to just trying to get back to work before I plan my grand escape.  I actually live in Mississippi but was in the process of heading to Baton Rouge (a step up) when HIV knocked me on my ass but good.

Mississippi isn't exacly the lap of luxury for most of it's residents..... Texas isn't that far from BR.  :)  You might like it here.... low cost of living, plenty of jobs, good HIV services, reasonable weather most of the time, rarely get hurricanes (although we regularly get the refugees from hurricanes).  Lots of education resources available here as well so you can get ahead.


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