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Ok i had a test today from possible exposures from the past with a condom now like i have said before i had sex with a transsexual and im very worried because they fall in a category of being as high rate of hiv positive also the thing about that is that she performed oral sex on me ( gave me a blowjob) also i was the insertive partner she never touched my behind.. having said that i want to say that like a responsible man i used a condom but after two or three minutes of having anal sex i notice the condom broke i didnt feel it i touched it and thats how i noticed the damned thing was broke well i pulled out immediately and i think i cant remeber very well cause i freaked out i think that the condom was still on me i mean the part that protects the head was still on so i think it broke from the side well after that i took it off and told her to just give me oral which she did and i came in her mouth after that i washed my penis with water and checked the condom and it looked fine but i was right it was broke from the side and now im freaking out i dont know what are my odds of  being infected i took a test today and i know is too early but i also took other tests to find out if i have syphillis or any other stds im very worried please let me know something the last time i think it was misunderstood what i said  because i was wearing a condom but it broke from the side and im not really sure if i was all the way inside of her so please let me know something and sorry if im making a mistake posting again but i didnt know how to bring my old post ove to this new sextion so i apologyxe for that

 and thanks guys for helping all these people go through the 13 weeks wating period which could be very suicidal

If the head of your penis was still covered I don't see any risk in what you have stated.

transexuals do NOT fall in the category of high risk.

PEOPLE are not high risk.

Only behaviors are.

hello guys im sorry but i have a question .. i know i know im being like mandy81 a really pain in the behind but i would like to know if its ok if i test after a month or six weeks  and then at the three month period do u think that would 50 50 accurate a month period or shall just go ahead and wait three months i mean so i dont become sucidal or insane u know

3 months is completely accurate for you.

--- Quote --- so i dont become sucidal or insane u know
--- End quote ---

this is a total red flag to us... go immediately and see a mental health specialist.   We cannot help you with these issue, we can only access risk.


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