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Check Out This Months JAMA


This months issue of the Journal Of The American Medical Association, the oft cited physicians journal, is devoted to HIV. The first thing you'll notice is the lack of cover art, instead of their usual classical painting. th inside page that usually has the info on the artwork simply states "A Cover Without Art"  presumably to honor all of the artists that have been taken by HIV.. :'( 

Alot of the content is over my head, aftrerall this is written for Physicians and medical researchers but theres still a good bit there for the knowlegable layperson,  worth a look if your local newsstand has it...give it a look while youre picking up XY and Instinct...   

Andy Velez:
That issue was distributed at the Toronto Conference and it's the first time that an entire issue has ever been devoted to one disease. Hopefully it will get wide readership.

Here's the explanation:



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