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3 weeks positive

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Spirulina is one of those products which have been targeted for offering "false hope" ,in my opinion.  If you eat healthy and take your multiple vitamins you are in good shape as the doctors I deal with have said .

Hi MC - Welcome.

Earlier this summer we talked about spirulina in the nutrition forum in one thread, from this point on **CLICK HERE** and scroll down to follow the discussion... Good luck. We're here for you

MC, sorry to hear your story, yeah you are not alone....we are millions....

where in ASIA have you been?

I assumed you went here in Southeast Asia...

there are HUGE numbers of HIV infected here especially in Thailand....

few were reported in my country, Philippines....

did you have SEX here? sorry for my you know from whom you got it?

I hope you're fine...take care there!

Andy Velez:
Hi MC,

WOW! What an introduction to living with HIV. And welcome!

You've really been through a rough time. It's great that you and your bf have been weathering it together. In the coming months you may likely each have a lot of feelings about this and I urge you to keep talking as openly and simply as you can together. That will help you to maintain and perhaps even deepen the intimacy in your relationship.

It's essential that you have a good HIV doctor with whom you can develop a good working partnership to keep you healthy. Despite all of the intense symptoms you have been living through you're going to see that you are going to get better and that your life is going to continue to be about much more than HIV and STDs. You'll learn everything you need to know about staying well.

You're always welcome here to ask questions and to discuss anything that's on your mind. Read the lessons on this site. You'll get some helpful pointers there and you might suggest them to your bf as well.

We're sorry you needed to come here but we're glad you found us.



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