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Here's a link from my old forum:

First of I would like to thank all the people that responded to my original thread.  You helped me through a tremendously difficult time.  I have one quick has been said that there is no risk in fingering...does that include when a woman is menstruating?  Thank you for your time & consideration.

Yes, even if she is menstruating.


I'd like to remind you of the last thing I said to you in the old forum.

--- Quote ---What are you doing still hanging around here? You were told back in March that your tests after the unprotected intercourse were conclusively negative and you were told repeatedly in April that fingering and getting a blowjob are not risks for hiv infection. You are hiv negative, get used to it.

If you cannot accept your negative results or the risk information you have been given here, then it would be a good idea for you to seek the assistance of a mental health care professional to help you work through your anxieties surrounding sex. That is not what this forum is for and we can do no more for you here. You are hiv negative. Move on with your life.
--- End quote ---

Have you spoken to a professional yet? Even with all the bells and whistles on this new forum, we still cannot offer you counseling here.


I'm not trying to upset anyone, I completely understand that receiving oral sex is not a risk.  I'm over that...I just don't get how if I fingered a woman during her is that NOT a risk?????????????????????????????????  I didn't have any cuts on my fingers and I did not see blood.  Is it just because it has never been documented?  This is my last post, I have not had any unprotected sex, I will always use a condom, I'm not worried about oral because of the mechanics of the whole thing.  I'm just scared about getting HIV from fingering a woman during her period, whose status is unknown. 

Am I stupid to even worry, should I even test again for this??? 

If you didn't have cuts nor see blood - then how exactly does HIV get into you assuming they were HIV positive anyhow? I agree with everyone here. MOVE ON.



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