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curious and unsettled.Please Help


I shall keep it short and detailed. Last week I had a close encounter with a girl, since we didnt have any condoms so we didnt get into any intercourse stuff however i shagged her with my figures and then shagged myself with the same hand. However stupid this may sound but is there any change of any kind of infection getting thru.
Also i was interested in knowing if it was safe to recv a blowjob without a condom?
would be great to hear from anyone!

have a wonderful day.

Matty the Damned:

There is absolutely no risk of HIV transmission to you from the activities you describe. Please read our Welcome Thread to learn about how HIV is and is not transmitted.

Sexually active people should have a full STD screen at least twice a year. A full STD screen includes an HIV antibody test. STD's like chlamydia and gonorrhoea are much more prevalent and contagious than HIV. If it's been a while since your last full screen or if you've never had one before you might want to make an appointment with your doctor or local clinic.



Andy Velez:
Spacy, in the entire history of the epidemic there has never been a documented case of HIV transmission via someone receiving a blowjob. So you can relax about that issue.

It sounds like you're becoming sexually active so Matty's suggestion that you read the lesson about transmission is a good place to get the basics down. As long as you consistenly follow safer sex guidelines you can have all the sex and partners you want and protect your health at the same time.


hey andy, so nice to see you again, thanks for the reply, its very re-assuring.
have a wonderful day

hello mtd, sorry, i forgot to thank you as well, you guys do a great job!! god bless you all!!


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