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Judd & Jodi

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Thought I'd post some recent photos of our dogs. Judd is the husky/Shepard mix and Jodi is a lab/Newfoundland mix.

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Jeff I thought my doberman I had, took up alot of room on the bed. Where do you guys sleep??? LOL

They are beautiful dogs!


Very sweet! Does Jodi have a little Chow in her? She looks like she has some black markings on her tongue.

Rapid Rod- We have four dogs, three sleep with us, and one on the floor (his choice). We all fit. Although my husband says he sleeps like a contortionist most nights! :)

Thank god we have a king size bed! When we bought our first place together we had a queen size bed but when the dogs started to join us we bought the exact bed in a king.  :) Since our yellow lab died last November Jodi does not sleep in the bed at night. She will sleep on the bed when it's just me and her in the afternoon. As for Judd, he normally sleeps on my partners side of the bed. I do find myself on the couch many nights because I'm in no mood to fight the dogs for the pillows.  :) Our vet doesn't think Jodi has any chow in her and says the black markings on the tongue are not specific to chow.


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