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This is ambitious (Theravax)

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I read about some information on this in the Aids conference footnotes. It might just be the real deal. It stated that some patients dropped all avrs and some patients continued avrs with excellent but not perfect results. If I am correct they only vaccinated people with undetectable viral loads <350 t cells which would exclude allot of us including me. Also, It seams like Kaletra mono therapy might be heading somewhere. I wonder if we took Kaletra, Integrase, Sustiva and combined them if we could kick this resistance thing in the ass.

                  Jon be good, Still under 200 t but Ill get there.

Thanks, John  Very encouraging!

i there science guy great read! i think your just like myself a cure for us is closer then we think. Ive checked out lots of new sites and research and there is light that we can see at the end of the tunnel. 2010 hopefully will be a great year for some breaking new vaccines. talk to you soon live life!!!!
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Haven't heard about this one specifically but I've been getting involved with the dendrite cell vaccine therapies lately in my own research.  They are definitly "hot" right now in the field of immunology and hopefully they bring some exciting results.  They've been proving relatively effective in the field of prostate cancer.

If you're interested, i'll give you the terribly oversimplified, quick version of dendritic cell vaccine therapy.  Dendritic cells are considered a professional antigen presenting cell, that is they take up bits and pieces of nasty things like viruses and present them to t-cells along with other signals which causes activation of the T-cell. ie) it goes out on a mission to kill any cells infected with this virus it has been presented with.  People have been doing all kinds of neat tricks with these cells since their discovery. You can take them out of a persons body, get them activated against a specific "antigen" then put them back in and hope they relay a message to T-cells to kill cells expressing that antigen.  As you can imagine it gets immensely more complicated than that....
I can probably find more info if you want some reading material.



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An example of forums at their best-- great thread and thanks for the concise and understandable explanation scienceguy   8)

Hey Thanks Guys

No problem, glad i could add something to the discussion.  My PhD advisors always said - if you can't explain science so the public understands it and why its important -  than you won't have a job :)

Let me know if i can be of any further assistance!




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