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Question to London Poz people!


Hi, I just need an advice from HIV positive people living in London. I am moving around Chelsea/South Kennsington area in couple of weeks time and I was just wondering where shall I continue my lab tests in London. I know my health adviser will tell me couple of centres, but I think you, as patients will know where it is the best place to go, in terms of support, etc.

Thanks for your help!

Hi Mr Scruff

Ive only been a few times as just been diagnosed, but the people at the Harrison Dept at St Thomas have been so good to me, giving me time to reflect and ask questions, talking through some of the fears i have. I have not seen all aspects of their department yet but from what i have seen i like and think things are going to be good for me their.
For Counselling i was told today about the Lighthouse, their office is just behind Waterloo station on Lower Marsh Street, I'm going to call them tomorrow and make myself known so i can keep you informed if you like.

To anyone else in the London area please post good or bad experiences so those of us still finding our feet can learn from you all


hi mr scruff

 in terms of proximity, chelsea and westminster hospital would be your nearest. Very good clinic, lots of services & largest in europe i believe.

their website, which tells you all about them, where they are etc:

good luck with the move!


Thanks both of you. I cannot wait to move. I love London.

Ahem, not to dis the great C&W but also Royal Free is very good, but bit out of the way for your location, and also Bloomsbury Clinic (Tottenham Ct Rd, so handy for town) and St Mary's (Paddington).  Personally, having road tested a few I prefer Bloomsbury, but you can't go wrong with a central London clinic.

- matt


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