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My wife is taking sustiva/truvada. I want her to take reg ginseng for energy and stamina.
Anybody know of possible interactions if taking ginseng with these drugs?

Please let me know.

hello,  and hello to your wife too..

Ginseng should be fine, but please check with/inform  doctor..  Try two weeks on, two weeks off,seems to work better this way.

Other supplements, for energy:
Spirulina/blue green algae, take it in the morning.

Co-enzyme Q10

 Nettles ..steam like spinach and eat as a vegetable, make nettle soup or try infusing the leaves to make tea.  high iron content, chlorophyll rich, n also contains vitamins B2, B5, folic acid, silica + zinc.

Good multivitamin/mineral supplement, preferably one high in phytonutrients & b-vitamin complex.

..and not a supplement, but acupressure good too..
Pressure point St36 is  key energising point. About  two inches below the outer part of the knee bone, just on outside of the shin. Helps fight tiredness, this one, and also whole body strengthening.

BL23 is another good one to boost energy levels. Put both thumbs on either side of the waist and find the point  an inch away from the spine, and apply gentle pressure. Or you can try rubbing the back of your clenched fist over the area and gently tapping it.


Personally, I wouldn't use it.

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Just my thoughts..... Ray


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